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The waiting. Yes it continues, doesn’t it? Even after you may have made a very bold, obedient step towards where Abba is physically leading your path on earth, what Abba will make happen still has not happened yet. And yes, as what has happened before in the past, through your patience you have found out and have even been healed from thinking “it will happen when it is supposed to happen.” Instead, you have learned it is really so much more than what those few words actually define the situation as being. And even now, after multiple times of actively waiting, and intently keeping your heart, ears and eyes turned exclusively to Jesus, doing what needs to be done whenever and however He leads you to handle it, the waiting has continued, and nothing of the flesh really speaks of the change occurring any time soon. However, deep within you, your expectancy has actually grown stronger and has strengthened because your mind is being actively molded by His loving Hands and whispered to by His loving Words. Within God’s infinite protection, details are everything and He is the Master of all things. Although at times the waiting may have become painful and almost unbearable, very similar in how labor pains gather towards the end, we have learned that during those times, by clinging exclusively to Jesus, our Shepherd was actually able to heal us through those times and as a result, take us into a deeper understanding of it, growing and maturing our minds towards Abba even more. And now, more than ever before, we can see, understand and have begun to appreciate Abba’s miraculous, mind-boggling  attention to detail which include: His attentive preparations within us which will allow us to be able to wholly accept and relish in what will be a new, healthy environment for us, the earth-shattering confidence that has developed within us in miraculously understanding how Abba is not dependent on anything that happens in the flesh and His will now always takes precedent over all things within our lives, and still, yet there is the one real truth, the truth that this world has actually been created and built on which has taken a whole new, deeper, richer, warmer, and more victorious understanding within us. It is the truth that has always, will always and is always all that truly matters while we continue to live in this world… Jesus. We actively live in Jesus! And He is all that truly matters. Miraculously, we have learned that the painful thresholds of waiting allows Jesus to bring us into a deeper understanding of Abba’s infinitely loving ways, which is actually, lovingly and powerfully wrapped up into one amazing, earth-shattering, soul-deepening reality and truth…  Jesus. It is all about our Shepherd, our Savior, our Jesus and through the depth of Him? It is our Creator. That really is all that truly matters.