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Things are always changing and being healed within you as you continue to nourish your relationship with Jesus. A relationship that has become purely vibrant and incomparable to anything else. Although during most of the time you may not be aware of just how much of you has been healed, set to right, rearranged, hydrated, nourished and fortified, there is that very profound moment, a moment sometimes brief and sometimes long where you suddenly see that very tiny particle. A trap often wrongly seen as an insurmountable boulder or mountain where others are wrongly sidelined and held for an indefinite amount of time. It is the nonsense. Pure and simple as that. The nonsense that will often threaten, and sometimes even succeed, in taking down a whole church or town, the nonsense that really no longer pains you, nor has weight within your mind because the roots have been dried up and pulled out by Jesus, our Husbandman.  And that is when your mind is able to actually see what has happened. By deciding to look to Jesus first during each aggravation, doubt, nuisance, struggle, hardship, inconvenience, issue, problem, valley, mountain and threshold, the nonsense now no longer has any root within you because through each experience your roots have been painfully exposed, healed and nourished by the very Breath of the Great I Am, our Creator, and your roots are now embedded and growing from the actual Hands of our reigning Savior. And because of that you are now able to smile at the threatening storm, enjoy the north-winds blowing while looking forward to the south-winds, and stay wrapped up, deep within the protective cocoon made specifically for you while your body, the living temple of the Great I Am may still feel the effects of the raging storms and the consequences of other people’s wrong free-will choices. However, the peace always continues to reign within you because it is just nonsense. Pure and simple, that is all it is. Truth nourishes and fortifies while the nonsense has the dangerous effects of candy, the tempting satisfaction of a false wholeness and the threatening lure of a false sense of stability. But now, the difference is that it no longer has any root within you! You see it for what it really is… the nonsense. Praise King Jesus!!!