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Our deepening relationship with Jesus has resulted in our heart and mind desiring and choosing to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, and with it, our individual, free-will choices have welcomed Him into nurturing a secret awareness of Abba’s protection. And through our multiple trials, struggles, problems, changes, issues, and even very minor, barely there irritants we have chosen, regardless of our emotions, feelings and desires, to cling only to Jesus. That doesn’t mean we do not experience moments of uncertainty, nor shock over what we have had to endure, go through, nor face. But that does mean we are open to understanding the profound truth of “when we are weak, He is strong; while fully accepting that we live under Jesus’ reign, and no one else’s.” Even as we might face new and uncertain issues, we realize we are no longer praying “for this to happen,” nor “for this to change,” instead, we consciously cling to Jesus, deep within these living temples of His, and ache for only Abba’s Truth to be clearly seen, received, and accepted. It is by our Savior’s actively thriving, Sacrificial Blood that our feet now ache to reside in and move only on a path coated in it. It doesn’t mean our minds understand “how, why, or when,” instead we thrive in only ever deeply knowing that it is by our Shepherd’s Sacrifice which has allowed our past, present and future to be sealed in Divine Victory. A victory based solely in Abba’s Truth. While we find the Holy Spirit changing our prayers and showing us the depth of our desire to now only want God’s Truth to be revealed in all that we do, we learn that our choice to radically choose Jesus above all else has allowed a profound union to form. A union where we begin to miraculously see that it is less about limited time and limited resources, and more about Abba’s limitless time, and the very real truth: He has created ALL things, and is greater than ALL things. A miracle has indeed happened within our minds because we no longer add weight to personally receiving an understanding over each and every uncertainty we face, nor over each problem or task we encounter or endure. Instead, we intimately know our Shepherd guides us and we will know what we need to know when we need to know it. Knowledge and understanding no longer truly matters to us, because Abba’s Truth is all that really does matter because only His Truth can bring wholeness, wellness, and victory. Our heart now loudly orders for Abba’s Truth to be laid wide-open before us, with us, and behind us while our minds still try to wrap around the profound knowledge that our physical world and spiritual world has begun to meld as one, united under His reign. Praise King Jesus!