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A deep, fiery craving in wanting Jesus more than anything else has helped to seal the only choice we now know that we can only make: “Jesus.” It was, is, and always will be all about Him, our Savior. With our individual, free-will choices, a deepening relationship with our Savior had begun, which radically changed the shifting of our lives because we began to consciously only choose Jesus in all that we do. As we physically moved forward and was placed more under His reign, a steady flow of cleansing continuously took place and continues to while the Holy Spirit continues to sharpen our ears to our Shepherd’s voice, sharpen our eyes to see that which can’t physically be seen, and sharpen our instincts to align ourselves up with His movements. The unhindered flow of our relationship with Him uniquely strengthens with each blow from the physical issues and battles we face, is profoundly healed by the very Breath of the Great I Am because we actively want Him more than anything else, and is miraculously fortified and sustained under His actively thriving reign because we choose to live in Jesus, and not in ourselves. He is more important to us than anything we deal with, go through, or even experience in the flesh; and we have learned to embrace Him and not any ailment, nor any problem or issue we encounter. Placed solely under His reign, our Abba is able to intimately instruct us on how to properly care for our bodies, these living temples of His, while teaching us on how to be able to receive and accept in the flesh, a Divine Network only He can personally establish for each of us, individually. And with each passing day, as we choose to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, we are able to delightfully discover that our deepening relationship with King Jesus continues to go even deeper within the Riches of His Glory. Praise King Jesus for allowing us to become more secretly aware of Abba’s protection!