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Only Abba, as you intimately turn to Jesus in heartbreak, can take your already established wholeness in Him to new heights and dimensions. It is a richness of His Glory revealed as we privately experience, within these living temple’s of His, a Lavish Wholeness. Although we never would have chosen to go through the heart-wrenching, devastating experiences that we have or will face, it is a time where Abba is able to intimately show us a new revelation of the very root of the Truth, ‘God is greater than all things.’ And through Christ’s victory, our experiences become a beautiful reminder to us that moment by moment we have chosen to live under His reign and intimately walk in His Sacrificial Blood, as the very Breath of the Great I Am breathes through us and Abba fortifies us as our heart and mind profoundly rejoice, “I am His, and He is mine.”