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There are days when we feel unwell, for a variety of reasons, and yes, sometimes it seems to never fail that is when we unknowingly are called to handle and deal with certain responsibilities that just can’t wait until we are physically feeling better. Things we must handle right then, and right there. As we mature in the flesh, we realize it takes wasted energy to complain, and so, as the Holy Spirit has taught us to do, we control our minds to no longer dwell on the aggravation and complaints of doing the task and instead, handle what needs handled while Jesus intimately holds us, strengthens us, and guides us. After personally going through this experience, we uniquely discover a hidden, disguised beauty involved in what is actually happening. It is not only a reminder that we are led by our Shepherd, and no longer by our feelings and emotions, but it can also become a warrior training exercise that further teaches us on the concept of how Jesus rises us above our circumstances so He may implement His victory into every single crevice of our lives. A victory not dependent on how we feel, nor on our circumstances, but a richness of His glory privately revealed through the secret awareness of our reigning, King Jesus!