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Through several months and even years we have painfully learned there is no other way to live but being obedient to the Great I Am. He wants more for us than we could ever possibly imagine or want for ourselves. It wasn’t easy, nor was the experiences pleasant, but as overcomers we now miraculously have a clear and profound understanding of that precious word and state of existence: obedience. We will also be one of the first to admit we are not perfect and never will be and so that is no longer an issue, nor a stumbling block we deal with because our Shepherd, yes, He is perfect and He deeply cleanses us moment by moment as the Holy Spirit disciplines us and instructs us with each breath we breathe, and mistake we make. With obedience in mind, I want to share with you what has happened to me. Since the release of our latest book, Protection Series #11 ‘The Driving Force Behind Protection,’ not even mindfully aware of what was happening to me, I was Divinely led into what He only recently revealed to me as a season of Shabbat. During these past months, I continued to wait on the Holy Spirit to lead me into the writing of our next book, #12. However, I soon became less and less aware about the passing of time and more aware of residing within His peace and resting in Jesus, under His continuous flow as I waited for instruction, and at the same time knew this new story would emerge within His limitless time. Well, in the beginning of July the Holy Spirit began to softly instruct me over what had been happening to me since March, and only a few days ago was I able to understand the fullness of it. It has been a beautiful season of Shabbat, directed and established by Him simply because He loves us more than anyone else ever could. Abba’s ways are limitless and our obedience to Him is a doorway for limitless living in a limited world. The Divine shifting within our minds, His cleansing and His restoration is a profound experience, which reveals a new depth of His intimate protection over us. Being first and foremost obedient to Abba allows our Shepherd, Jesus, to intimately lead us as the Holy Spirit navigates our way through this ever changing world while holding fast to Him, He who never changes. This also is significant in positioning us and allowing us to be able to better receive all that we need from Him. Only Yahweh can sanctify us and only He can eradicate, cleanse and restore what is necessary so that we can receive a new depth within the richness of His glory. And just so you know, to give you an update, He woke me up this morning and led me back into Protection Series book #12, ‘The Secret Awareness of Protection.’ The 5 month experience, the title…  how perfect is that?! Praise King Jesus, have a wonderful day… in Him!