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There are times where we know something within us is “off,” or it can even be a feeling of something is missing, or something isn’t right. Whichever is the case, through our diligent lessons in obedience we have learned to turn within ourselves to Jesus, allowing Him to sort out what needs sorting out and to lead us to do whatever needs to be done. This is an amazing time because we are able to realize a significant change within us. We no longer push those feelings away, nor use anything of the flesh to help wrongly ignore them, nor overshadow them, instead we obediently wait and attune our inner ears to the Holy Spirit as He instructs us by deciphering the purpose of the “call.” And as our thoughts rest solely on Jesus we may become overly conscious of a tiredness within us while the thought of “rest” comes through. Bear in mind, this unique call can be very different each time it is used, and it can also be very different within each of us. But one thing is for sure, our Abba’s diligent care is the only thing that can properly sustain us through this life, and one of the basic necessities that we need is His moment of Shabbat. In each situation, the Lord allows us to realize it is a very personalized, unique call to us from the Holy Spirit requiring us to mentally shut out the outside world, command quietness within our thoughts, allow the Holy Spirit to control our breathing and simply rest in Jesus. It is a Divine balancing technique and necessity to help keep us healthily balanced, and privately healed. This is where our strength and healing comes from, so we may be Divinely restored and be able to better receive a richness of His Glory. Only Yahweh can sanctify us. Praise King Jesus!