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Painfully, within our minds our thoughts may have it all mapped out. We think we know what will happen, we may even wrongly think we realize how things will happen, or when it will happen; but then when the complete opposite happens, we’re shocked. In the past, those specific times may have caused the ground beneath our feet to painfully shift, or the doubts to batter against our mind where we could actually see how it was dangerously trying to takeover and reign. However, each time, as our relationship with Jesus continued to deepen, our world within us would become very small, and we would be privately instructed by the Holy Spirit. Each experience was uniquely different, and they continue to be. Sometimes all we found ourselves able to do was cling to the very real Truth that God loves us more than anyone else ever could, while during other times? All we could do was silently cling onto Jesus. However, now when we experience this type of thing? Well, Praise King Jesus, finally, we see how our thoughts no longer carry much weight within our minds. And we are finally able to see a depth to what happens during these times, and a depth to the active cleansing Jesus uses within our minds in how He is teaching us to no longer trust in what we “think,” but instead, trust only in Abba’s Truth as the Holy Spirit privately reveals it to us. Yes, these times are still very painful learning lessons, however, in all instances, one thing has always miraculously shown through: His Truth. Every detail matters to Abba, every moment matters to Him as we sacrificially choose to only look to Jesus, which allows Him to actively reign within our minds. We turn to Him exclusively, doing our part in nourishing our relationship with Him, and our Actively Reigning King forgives, cleanses, restores, and places each and every thing within us under His Healing reign.