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Obedience is an amazing free-will choice we make which unveils a depth of richness into understanding the Great I Am and His profound caring, loving nature. So many times we may have tried to give unto others more than what we have even received which has led us into countless times of experiencing debt. I am not exclusively talking about financial debt, but a debt and emptiness we sometimes do not even consider, but should. We wrongly think we need to give, give, give, and give some more, which will show others that we are “true loving Christians.” But really, that type of thinking and order is all wrong. It is not about us, but only ever “all about Him!” However, in the cases when we wrongly just forge ahead and do so, what does it lead us to within? Exhaustion, lack of patience, lack of sustenance, and an empty well where once there was thriving energy and a healthy desire to help others, which then opens us up to so many different attacks, mentally, physically and emotionally by both, the enemy and yes, ourselves! However, through the multiple experiences, both good and bad in establishing us as overcomers, Jesus has privately taught us we cannot give what we do not have. And this leads me into sharing a personal story with you, regarding our family’s recent sale of our former home and relocation, along with the “quietness” you may have witnessed from me both on my website and facebook page. I have grown up moving, and like all the times before, this time was very unique and very different, and only by the grace of God was it able to run so effortlessly and smoothly, which blew my mind in so many different ways. But there was one particular thing that I am only now able to really see and share with you. It is something I now recognize that the Lord wanted me to be very consciously aware of during this move. As I have shared in a previous post, the Holy Spirit allowed me to know that although He was actively sharing the current protection story with me, He would not allow the words to connect with my fingers. And so, very little writing actually took place, which privately indicated to me that this halt in time in my writing was only temporary. All the while, as this was going on, I obediently took care of things for our family in all the different areas we physically needed to in order to be able to close out our previous home and transition to where our new home is currently located. And anytime I would wonder about what my readers might be thinking, or even wanting to delve fully back into writing, I would look to Jesus and witness a small portion of my mind teetering on the edge of wondering if I was letting you guys down. However, He would immediately allow me to understand that is not a concern that should ever cross our minds, while at the same time He would immediately strengthen my patience. We aren’t to think about that because our trust lies only in Him, and He, alone, is directing our ways. Immediately I understood, only He can ever truly guide us forward into the fullness and richness of His victory, so we may more fully dwell within the richness of Abba’s glory. A richness so powerful that only the Holy Spirit can instruct us in. And just last night, Abba whispered across my mind, “You cannot give what you have not received.” While He had thoroughly taught me on this concept before the Holy Spirit even began to write books through me, in this situation He showed it to me in a new way as He led my mind over what our family had just experienced in moving. At the same time, He also infused within me the vital importance of “physically getting our house in order first,” before even attempting to give back through my writing in Him. There is a very unique wholeness, wellness, and richness which actively flows when we first allow our Husbandman, our Jesus, to guide us in setting our physical house in order. ‘Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.’ (John 14:23)  Our obedience to Him always comes first, and only then can it uncover and allow us to privately witness His diligent, loving care in keeping us whole and allowing us to dwell within the richness of His glory!  Abba wants His victory, which is currently spiritually thriving within us, to be physically manifested and overflowing in the flesh, into our physical home and environment. It is His Kingdom, in which we have actively chosen to live!