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Through our deepening relationship in Jesus we have painfully learned that the absence of attacks, or even the absence of problems, or even bad news revealing new obstacles we may have to deal with or face, does not reveal “we are on the right track,” nor is it something we can ever use to determine if Jesus is really reigning in us or not. Instead, after going through these difficult times and experiencing them “with Jesus,” we have learned how important our free-will choices really are when these things occur. And it is our internal response to what we go through, which defines and powerfully reveals Who is actually reigning within us, or by Whose power we are really residing in. Going through these experiences have shown us how the Holy Spirit has redefined what is actually important in our life, and has intimately shown us areas where we have wasted a lot of priceless energy in the past. One of the amazing things these awful times have also taught us is how Abba does not like us to become overwhelmed, and our Shepherd’s private guidance is our healing for that. Yes, we do live on earth and these things are going to happen to us, but it becomes our free-will choice to decide whether or not we want what He wants for us. Anytime we encounter things that are overwhelming in the flesh, we must choose to swiftly take control of our thinking, emotions, and feelings by calling a halt to them and then turning within to Him. And when we do this, miraculous results always follow. While we wait for our Shepherd to direct our thoughts, and heal our emotions and feelings while at the same time greatly anticipate the Holy Spirit’s movements within us, we allow Him access to every tiny particle within us as our praises lift up to our Abba, the Great I Am. These miraculous moments unveil a new, very unique and profound depth into God’s beautiful Truth in 2 Timothy 1:7 which tells us, ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.’  What we choose to do when we are emotionally, mentally and physically attacked, or even when we are dealing with the negative consequences of things we have done, or others have done, either opens us up to more attacks and heartaches, or nips them in the bud and allows us to continue to dwell in His victory and under His strict Guidance, despite what we may physically face in the flesh. Only the Holy Spirit can instruct us through each moment of the day while our King Jesus commands order within our minds while we humbly, actively bow to His reign!