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I wanted to personally reach out to all of you and share what I know so far regarding any updates on the latest books, particularly the Protection Series. Well, over the last few months, Abba has led me to write and then stops me. The stopping points are sometimes 1 day and sometimes a week. When I began to be aware of this happening, I looked to Him in question over being able to fully write again, He finally revealed, “A year from your last book.” And within, I instantly knew what He meant. Shabbat, 1 year. And when I remembered thinking I was being led out of Shabbat in the latter part of last summer, He further explained that I had been led partially out in preparation of our house selling the very next month and our subsequent moving a few months later. That was the point I really began to be taught on how Abba does not want us overwhelmed, in anything we have to deal with. And that move? Well, it actually represented a physical manifestation of an amazing spiritual victory: I was being physically led out of an 18 year storm! Praise King Jesus!!!

2018 was an amazing and very unique year for me, which profoundly represented a full embodiment of life, thoroughly cleansed and healed mentally, physically and spiritually. So many things happened last year, and although some resulted in a very deep-seated sadness that only Abba, Himself, is able to manage and heal, which He thoroughly is doing in His perfect process, it has been a year like no other with a huge spiritual victory being fully manifested in the flesh. Some of you have privately reached out and asked me how it is going, and so I wanted to share with the rest of you: these last three to four months have been extraordinary to be able to watch as my body, this living temple of Abba’s, is able to do what Abba has designed it to do in healing from having been physically overloaded in an environment that was unhealthy for it. And spiritually, Jesus has led me deeper in Him, showing me a new depth in how my mindset has changed, is changing, and must continue to change in order for me to write within the “riches of His glory,” as this next set of protection books are based in, Books #11-19. This is also what is needed to further write in the Divine Line series and any other future book. As I am sure each of you are experiencing the Holy Spirit’s abundant and amazing instructional ways, lately He has been teaching me in new ways, as well. For instance, at one point, a month or so ago, I envisioned someone asking me when they can expect the next book to be released and He immediately said, “to answer that question, at this point in time, would be to step off the path I have you on.” And then He showed me how critical certain responses are, and how subtly we can push past Jesus because we place what we see as our “physical needs and responsibilities” over Him and where He is spiritually keeping us. Amazing!!!

I wanted to share all of this with you as well as try and explain the time frame of these books and why it may appear sort of sporadic, or inconsistent in the flesh. That way you can better understand and be a part of this exciting process with me. As you have noticed, the books sometimes take awhile to write, and sometimes they don’t, but that is also a very unique and important safeguard and specific teaching for me. He has shown me so many different vital reasons why I desperately need that. One of the major reasons is because in releasing some of His truths and establishing them within these books in the way they are, it also becomes an important safeguard for me and helps to build a stronger certainty within me not allowing my foothold to be shaken, nor wrongly shifted. When this started happening, I often wondered and questioned what was wrong, but He would respond by impressing upon me, “you can only write what you intimately know and experience.” And I have experienced and know first hand, every single spiritual experience and truth written into anything I write, that includes all of the books, devotions and also these posts.

A Snapshot from the past: I have only shared this with a few very close friends (who are readers too) but since Protection book #8~ Communicating the Tenderness of Protection, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that I, personally, must have an authority, only He can give me, to continue writing these books. I will never forget the time He revealed to me, “you now have the authority to write it,” and as He spoke I experienced an actual barrier being lifted. That specific book, #8, symbolizes, for me, a very, very vital point in my writing with the Lord. I will never forget the time when I was editing it and the Lord was very loudly teaching me so many different things about it, which perfectly and beautifully lined up with the title, a title the Holy Spirit named 2 years prior!!! Months before I even began to write Communicating the Tenderness of Protection, I was under a stripping so different from all of the other times. The latest book released, Book #11: The Driving Force Behind Protection was another very similar turning point. There were changes that He had to specifically take me through, within myself, before it could be written, edited and then received by you.

I want to personally thank all of you who reach out to me and read these books I create with the Lord, which are very, very close to my heart. I have to tell you, it is beyond beautiful to me to actually see and hear from the readers only Abba can lead to read them. And what profoundly strikes me even more, is when those few have told me they get something new each and every time they read them!!! In the flesh, it blows my mind that some of you even enjoy reading them multiple times, and I want to personally tell you, since releasing the first book, your responses have actually been a specific prayer the Holy Spirit had led me to pray: that each book will have Divine depth to them as only Abba can create them to have. I prayed that the Lord will uncover new depths of knowledge and experience each time it is read again. Praise King Jesus!!! Oh, and on that note, the Holy Spirit is also reminding me, I am not sure I have publicly shared this before, but I was spiritually attacked immediately after Protection Series Book #1~ A Step Beyond Protection was released. When that happened, I instantly buried myself in Jesus, and some time later, as I trusted only in Jesus to get me through it, Abba, Himself, told me in such an amazingly strong way, in a way I rarely hear. He said, “You have no idea what I have put inside those books!” The amazing way it was impressed upon me wiped out all insecurities, doubts, and uncertainties. It also became something more important than mere words as the Holy Spirit has personally reminded me of it and applied it to so many different areas since then. Thank you, each of you, for joining with me on this amazing journey in Jesus and I am really looking forward to being able to share this next book with you, when Abba allows it! ;) Praise King Jesus, may each of you continue to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, and may the Holy Spirit reveal how incredibly amazing each of your lives are in Jesus, what unique stories you all are personally living with Abba! Praise King Jesus!