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Stripped down bare, it really is only you and Him. This knowledge may have at first caused a whole slew of mixed emotions to rise within you, but then over time your relationship with Jesus deepened. And as you watched King Jesus specifically apply His Sacrificial Blood to all areas of your life, the Holy Spirit ensured you realized that very real, simple truth is actually a comfort, in and of itself. A comfort that specifically simplifies everything within this world in our minds, and privately safeguards us in so many profound and unheard of ways as we dwell with Him during this battle-strewn world. This truth is intimately experienced even more as we face each issue, difficulty and struggle. By inwardly focusing on King Jesus, He is able to condition us and nourish us in unique ways which specifically changes our mindsets to where we are able to celebrate He, who intimately brings us through each struggle, difficulty, and issue rather than on what we actually, physically go through. Another way the Holy Spirit ensures we worship our Creator instead of His Creation. Every moment of our struggles, issues, and difficulties matter to our Shepherd but sometimes, all we really can do is inwardly hide ourselves against King Jesus and firmly declare within our minds: Abba loves me more than anyone else ever could. In those physically painful moments, but profoundly spiritually uplifting moments, He dries our tears, heals our hearts, settles our emotions and reveals how precious we are to Him which specifically nourishes our minds. Yes, stripped down bare, it is really only you and Him… praise King Jesus what a glorious and amazing way He has chosen for us to live, always and forever in Him!