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Our King Shepherd’s reign is amazing, but at the same time can also be very daunting in the flesh, especially when it comes to our other relationships and His reign over them. There are times that we are called to make decisions which in the flesh, and even in our minds, seem harsh, surprising and even unheard of. And as a result of this, or even as a result of the other people’s free-will choices, we sometimes find ourselves only able to go silently, deep within, and cling to our Shepherd while relishing in the simple but profound truth: Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could, which strengthens us even more to mentally and physically act on those decisions and Divine impressions. When this is happening, King Jesus intimately positions us to remain fully open and available for the Holy Spirit to instruct us in what is happening; but what we don’t often realize or see is that He is also shifting, nourishing and nurturing those relationships between us and our friends, and family, making sure the relationships reside on Abba’s terms, not on ours, nor on theirs. This restores and creates healthy relationships where the Holy Spirit diligently balances each and every one of them as God’s Truth, the only Truth, becomes the foundation of them. It is a beautiful, diligent process where hurtfulness and frustrations lead to forgiveness, repentance and healing, and yes, sometimes it also leads to a painful, inwardly tearful and mournful goodbye. However, within, our Shepherd keeps the environment uniquely calm and invigorating while we are privately reminded that our relationship with Him is the One and Only one that first and foremost matters. Our eternal bond with Him is life, strength and power, in and of itself. Hallelujah, only the Great I Am can profoundly use our relationships with others to uniquely and lovingly deepen our relationship with Him, where thriving and blossoming nourishment pours forth, and expecting the unexpected becomes an active learning lesson from Abba, Himself. Praise King Jesus!