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Those profound, unforgettable times where we were laid bare on His Beloved threshing floor and our physical world was not only uncomfortable, but even at times unbearable, was for a miraculously Divine reason. Because those things happened so intricately and so unexpectedly during specific times in our lives, they have, in and of themselves, become actual, physical layers of protection geared towards protecting us from future attacks of doubt, uncertainties, and even questioning ourselves over the new things we are mentally and spiritually experiencing and enjoying. And there really is no questioning what He has privately brought us through because we experienced and were aware of every moment of those times. The hardships and pain, mentally, spiritually and physically were experienced together, with Him, while the Holy Spirit taught us on so many vital “little things” that could easily be overlooked and brushed aside. They were times that always seemed to last longer than what we wanted them to, but at the same time we knew we were also being taught on the vital, crucial teaching regarding Abba’s perfect timing. And now, we live and thrive in a way where the only relief that comes is as we turn inwardly to Him. Loving us more than anyone else ever could, Abba has allowed those specific experiences with Him to become part of the armor that deflects the arrows when we are subtly attacked in the flesh through questioning how we now think, process things, or even what we know. But amazingly, those experiences are not as fresh as they once were, however, this is where our reliance on the Holy Spirit really thrives. He reminds us that those intimate experiences brought us to profound places, physically, mentally, and spiritually. As we continue to live on earth, Abba shows us, in so many ways, how He values what we go through, He values each breath that leaves these living temple’s of His, He values us, individually unique to Him. And despite what our physical worlds attempt to do to us, more particularly, to draw us away from Him, even without our awareness, our confidence in Abba is specifically fed and nourished under King Jesus’ reign. It is a confidence in Him which is intricately developed by the Holy Spirit as He makes sure that all of Abba is highly valued in every single area of our lives. His Victory is always present and will always result in a deeper relationship with Him. He is the Great I Am, our Abba; and He passionately loves us. Praise King Jesus!