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Abba, our Heavenly Father, the Great I Am. Once this truth enters our minds it instantly settles our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, our breathing patterns, every single tiny part of our bodies, these living temple’s of Abba’s. That truthful statement is pure healing, in and of itself. Established as overcomers, we have come to actively and fully live within each moment. The Holy Spirit has diligently taught us how every single moment matters, and even sometimes how intricately designed they are, full of depth, meaning, and purpose. As a result, we actively thrive in Abba’s care because our existence is now fully wrapped up in King Jesus, our Shepherd. We cry with Him, we rage over things with Him, we lovingly stare at Him, we quietly wait with Him, we laugh with Him; in all things and through every single moment we deeply desire to be more aware of Him than anything else. And He fulfills that desire of ours, because we obediently remain focused only on Him. The environment within our minds and bodies are Divinely maintained, and as a result, it no longer matters when things in the flesh run smoothly, nor when smoothness is not even in existence due to the various stops, re-directions, and halts which often causes us to immediately retreat within and rest against King Jesus. Instead, what profoundly matters to us is how, under King Jesus’ direction, our minds are lovingly taught and strengthened by the Holy Spirit on the one thing that dominates all other things in the flesh: Abba’s protection over us is great. Abba, our Heavenly Father, the Great I Am. Praise King Jesus!