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Our response to each and every experience we encounter, either good or bad, has miraculously changed because we are intimately aware of our King Jesus; who not only guides us through each moment, but more importantly, He goes through them with us. Wiping our tears, strengthening our innermost beings, healing what needs healed, guiding us in maintaining and fortifying these living temples of Abba’s, commanding His peace to reign, and encouraging us with His joy, King Jesus’ reign within us is victoriously limitless. There is a depth to the intimacy and private side of each experience with Him, and with Abba’s intricate diligence, the Holy Spirit openly instructs us, adding depth and richness to His Truth and teachings. Amazingly, the Holy Spirit, the very Breath of the Great I Am, allows Himself to also become the very Breath we breathe which regulates and balances us in ways where there is no doubt at what we are experiencing, as well as reveals a new, rich understanding in Abba, our Creator, the Great I Am. The Holy Spirit fulfills needs we don’t even realize we have, which promotes a healthy balance between our physical and spiritual lives as our relationship with King Jesus deepens beyond even our comprehension, and beyond anything we could have ever thought possible. He fortifies and breathes new life into everything we experience, and specifically sows within us how, in this moment, King Jesus reigns, and in the next moment, He will also reign. No longer are we deeply affected by the uncertainties of tomorrow, nor of the things we may have to encounter because Abba, the Great I Am, has ensured that we trust in Him, our Provider, and no longer in the provision.