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Our trust no longer lies in the hands of others, instead, by our King Shepherd’s guidance, we have placed it in the Hands of our loving Creator, our Abba, which leads us to continuously turn to Him through each decision and move that comes our way. In our growing relationship with Him, we have become more aware of the unique decisions and moves which help to physically maintain the complete freedom we intimately experience in King Jesus. Moves which clearly keep us from becoming “locked-in” to things not of God’s protection and plan for us. Under His guidance, and through His communication, we have learned to swiftly move when it is needed, and to also actively slow down the decision process, including when, in the flesh, doing so may seem impossible. Through the ups, downs, turns, roadblocks, valleys, straightaways, rough roads and smooth roads, we have been Divinely taught more than what our limited minds can even handle, which further keeps us openly attuned to the Holy Spirit’s instruction because only He can remind us when we need reminded, show us what is really happening, and establish Abba’s victory when there is no victory to be seen. And even though our minds may not be completely “at peace” with the decisions or moves we are led to make, we reassuringly know the Holy Spirit will reveal what we need to know, see, or understand because our peace only resides with our Lord and Savior, the Prince of Peace. Each day brings new victories in seeing how only our Shepherd King can successfully guide us through the navigation of this world because of the consequences and effects of not only our free-will choices, but also that of others. Praise King Jesus, our all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present Abba, the Great I Am, intimately resides within us, guiding us every step of the way! A new moment = a new victory in Him!