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We have deeply learned that in the moment we need to do or say something, our Creator will always make sure we know… in that current moment. Our Shepherd’s intimate guidance is always actively present, and through the multiple experiences, issues, encounters, and even minor irritations He has led us through, we have learned the importance of Abba’s perfect timing. And as always, the Holy Spirit has taken those specific experiences a profound step further by intimately showing us that it is our responsibility to ease the hardships within our minds by actively changing its environment. We rein in every thought and pressure, refusing to focus on the repetitive rehashing of all of the possible or impossible outcomes we may have to face, and instead, focus on our Shepherd, praising Him every step of the way and knowing He already knows what tomorrow will bring. As we fellowship with Him, we wholly embrace His utterances and pushes while He actively unites with us to heal the environment within our mind. With our minds under our rigid self-control and self-discipline we find ourselves no longer valuing tomorrow over what we have in this current moment with Him, which also helps us to appreciate and value the moment at-Hand, and in-turn value those people we encounter in the moment we encounter them. Time may be a limiting factor on earth, but we are able to see it actually become limitless under Abba’s Hand as an acute awareness of King Jesus actively heals our demanding nature and our impatient expectancy, and reinforces our trust in Abba. Through multiple occurrences, His perfect timing has soothingly flowed into our lives causing us to grow in His confidence and subsequently no longer allow time, nor the lack of it, to force us into making or demanding decisions, or answers. Little did we realize it was also providing a miraculous change within us: our gaze no longer sees things through the limits of time, but instead, we see all things through Him, His limitless presence and eternal existence, our loving Creator. And at the same time we are also able to recognize and fully appreciate the need for those specific limits God has specifically created time to have, especially here on earth, as well as to be aware of the strongholds and dangers of what depending on time can wrongly wrought. But as always, our loving Creator has deemed it possible for us to only ever fully, wholly and delightfully, depend upon Him! Praise King Jesus. ‘Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’ (Matthew 6:34)