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Only Abba can take something which is a chronic, painfully difficult issue in the flesh and allow it to become a thing of sheer beauty. Problems we deal with and issues we go through have become something we never expected them to be. I am not speaking about the attacks from the enemy, but about the active results of experiences in life, our body’s responses to them, the sensitivity or even deterioration of our limited bodies, the consequences of actions, as well as the consequences of our wrong free-will choices, and even those of others. Some of these issues are physical issues we may have for the remainder of our time on earth, and although the change in how we must physically live may have been devastating or shocking at first, now we can clearly see how we are overcomers and actively reign over them while our King Jesus reigns over us. He actively heals us physically and spiritually every day. It is not about embracing, nor accepting the sickness, disability, physical issue, problems, or ailments but it is all about embracing our Savior and accepting only His Sacrificial Blood to thickly coat us. It is truly miraculous when He intimately guides us into the upkeep of this living temple of Abba’s, and guides us into new opportunities that will aid us in successfully maintaining our body’s wellness. While He unites with us in its upkeep, He will also sometimes equip us to look more deeply into ourselves so that we may see the significant layers He has opened up and removed from us. In their place are rays of shining light reflecting off of the depth of newness of who we are becoming in Him: eternal beings fully sustained by our Creator’s love and grace. Like refined silver and gold, we are privately refined by His intimate touch, guiding Hand, and with the igniting passionate fire of Truth by our Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Issues, problems, and rough encounters no longer have the hold they once wrongly did, we no longer succumb to circumstances but instead immediately turn within to Him, who reigns. That is why we are able to enjoy the moment at-Hand, expectantly embrace the unexpected opportunities hidden ahead of us, and intimately be on alert for His instructions, impressions and touch. We may no longer be able to do certain things in certain ways, nor within what is considered normal abilities, which may have at one time been devastating for us to deal with, but what are now drastically insignificant under the greatness of Abba, the Great I Am. They are simple displays reminding us how limitless our Creator truly is. He has intimately taught us that we are able to do the unexpected because we have chosen to be more aware of King Jesus than anything else, which has fortified us to walk through the threshold of abnormal activities and rise above the limits placed on us through the experiences and limitations of the flesh. Our path in Him is narrower than what we once thought it could be, but it is also more vibrantly full of limitless opportunities, multiple experiences, and thriving possibilities where in the flesh there are none to be seen. Yes, we still live in the flesh and experience the occasional harshness of its reality, which does sometimes affect our minds, emotions and feelings, but the difference is that we are now cognizant of the fact that all we really have the ability and willingness to do is embrace our reigning Shepherd, who intimately guides us through it all. These ailments remind us in their own unique way that we live a truly miraculous life and God is greater than all things. He dries our eyes, heals our thoughts, nourishes our strength and leads us into new and improved physical ways of doing things, all the while spiritually and physically fortifying us through His joy. Abba’s passionate, refining fire intimately strips us and allows us to receive the fullness of His provision and protection. Like shining rays of lights, Abba glories in intimately providing for us. God wants us well. And as our praises and love continuously lift up to Him, the Great I Am will also take time to remind us that we really are breathtakingly beautiful to Him.