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No more waiting, we are actively turned within. No more wondering, we intimately know Him and will receive what He wants us to know, when we need to know it. No more questioning, we wait on His response. No more wading on the surface of our Divine relationship with Him, we remain fully immersed in Him. No more wandering, our feet are rooted to our Shepherd’s. No more anxiety over time, Abba’s perfect timing is the only one that matters. No more limiting ourselves by trying to wrongly piece it all together, we expectantly follow King Jesus as the Divine wind blows where it may while our hearts remain sealed in our Father’s Hand. No more uncertainties, King Jesus knows what we face and have need of. No more stumbling through, His Hand privately secures our footing. No more embracing issues and problems, we would have to let go of Him. No more concerning ourselves over what others think of us, His Light is what truly shines.