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The limitations of the flesh would like us to see things through limited ways and by limited means. But we are no longer of the flesh. Through our lifetime we have already been through more than we ever thought we would, or could, which stripped down bare has taught us that all things, good and bad, pale under the actively loving, watchful eye of the Great I Am. Our deepening relationship with Jesus has become something the flesh would consider to be full of impossibilities. But all things with Him are possible and our Shepherd privately leads us and uniquely teaches us, including all things we purchase, obtain and encounter. He is actively in all things we do, think, and decide upon. And as a result of us choosing to look first to Him before anything else, we have become more aware of Him than anything else, and He has created a new environment in which we now physically dwell, where all things regarding us is rooted in His limitless victory. And when unforeseen situations or conditions now arise, we uniquely stand tall in His intimately known victories as King Jesus actively releases His authority to us by God’s passionately loving grace, while we are intimately fueled by our Comforter, the very Breath of the Great I Am. And in regards to those unwanted circumstances, issues and difficulties, well although our minds may dread them, we have been able to now recognize how they offer us a unique opportunity to witness a new dimension in how Abba securely safeguards us in profound ways. So we quiet ourselves and continue to embrace our Shepherd through the process encased within each of those circumstances, either with our health, mental insecurities, or the consequences of our actions and others; whatever the dreaded circumstances are, we are able to profoundly recognize the unique opportunity to see and actively experience how He instills and manifests His comfort in limitless ways and through limitless means. By His constantly flowing forgiveness, deeply cleansing grace and vibrant presence He instills all of Himself all around us, and deeply within us to ensure we are intimately safeguarded in all that we do, experience, encounter, and face. Praise King Jesus for Abba’s deep desire to be as close to us as He possibly can and desiring to lead us through this world and on into eternity!