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King Jesus’ active presence within us simplifies our lives in extraordinary ways, and through limitless ways. We are often reminded of this each time it seems one issue swiftly turns into another issue, which then triggers the overwhelming feelings and emotions to flood our senses. This can sometimes happen with very minor, barely there issues, as well as with earth-shattering ones. And when this happens, we immediately turn within to our reigning Shepherd, physically take a deep breath and focus only on Him as praises ring out. Our minds then receive the nourishment it needs: a reminder that Abba already has the answers and solutions, which puts it all into its healthy, proper perspective. Refreshed, we physically go forward with our inner ears sharply attuned to Him and wait for His direction in physically taking care of the latest piling issues. The whole process is a Divine simplicity that specifically allows our minds to actually heal while we handle what we are being called to handle. Obsessively thinking about things, rehashing issues, or over and over again trying to figure it all out holds no value, nourishment, nor answers. Although tiring and frustrating at first, these occurrences uniquely nourishes our trust in Abba and our confidence in His unfailing, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present faithfulness towards us, privately. And stripped down bare, these experiences are really a striking reminder and profound confirmation that all is well because King Jesus now reigns within us and it is no longer us stumbling on our own. Praise King Jesus for the sheer breathtaking, healing, and strengthening simplicity of Abba’s perfect design.