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Through the multiple issues, frustrations, hardships and difficulties, both big and small, King Jesus actively shows us Abba’s diligent attentiveness in preserving our own unique personalities and the qualities He finds especially endearing about us. Qualities which actively thrive and beautifully blossom under King Jesus’ active reign within us. Through this process, the Holy Spirit teaches us a depth about who the Great I Am is, and His loving watchfulness over us as we discover these safeguarding techniques of His. We are all uniquely different, our thinking patterns, our reasoning, and our personalities. As our relationship with Abba deepens, we actively experience how He deeply loves and celebrates us in very unique and intimate ways geared precisely towards our private, individual relationships with Him. This also allows the Holy Spirit to help us in appreciating not only how different we are, but other people’s differences as well, and on a level not normally known, nor seen. But on a level that ensures God’s unconditional love openly thrives within us and through us. It is a healthy balance only the Holy Spirit can actively maintain within each of us, individually, while King Jesus’ actively flowing Sacrificial Blood continuously coats us. Praise King Jesus, how Great our Abba is!!!