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Sometimes there is something that seems off within ourselves, and we know something isn’t quite right and at the same time know that it isn’t something we can change. So we immediately shut out everything around us and go to Him within as our minds become a big question mark. It isn’t long before a slight awareness of His working Hand allows us to understand the single word “maintenance.” And we are reminded that either days, hours or even minutes before, certain things we have recently picked up through our other relationships, or even things we hear from other outlets, were gliding through our minds. And yes, they may be things we immediately disagreed with while the Holy Spirit diligently corrected them within our minds, but these things can still have lasting effects on our thoughts and the environment within our minds. They are simply rubbish, the pebbles and miniscule trash unknowingly picked up as we live in the flesh and amongst a world intent on playing the blame game, intent on creating havoc and uncertainty and suffering from the consequences of choosing anything, and sometimes everything, over God. Consequences that even span from generations ago. There are consequences to all free-will choices, and of course they are out of our control but we have chosen to actively reside under King Jesus, fully forgiven and continuously cleansed by Him as His thick, actively flowing Sacrificial Blood continuously coats us. God, Himself, carefully and lovingly sees our minds and intimately knows our hearts while we choose to remain wide open and bare before Him, and actively living under King Jesus’ reign. He lovingly provides us with a very careful, diligent touch in maintaining our peace of mind, and strengthening our bond with Him. Allowing us to intimately see a new depth into Him as all-knowing and all-present, actively dwelling in us. God’s perfect love keeps us in His perfect peace from now until eternity. Praise King Jesus for our Sole Provider!