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For years, as our relationship with Jesus deepened, we spent time recognizing, and consciously conceding control over to King Jesus, while fully realizing His reign within us as we humbly bowed continuously before Him. King Jesus then began to guide us in the proper maintenance and care of our complete, whole well-being from within, which filtered out into our physical lives. What we may not have realized at the time was that King Jesus was slowly gifting the reins back over to us so that we could formally unite with Him in the upkeep of our bodies, and our lives on earth. At the same time, our relationship with the Holy Spirit also deepened and continues to, as our Comforter became established as the very Breath we breathe, as well as instrumental in safeguarding us for the victorious process our King Shepherd is bringing us through. As overcomers, He is allowing us to become increasingly aware of this very specific, Divine process, Divinely and spiritually smooth; but what is also somewhat tumultuous in the flesh, and may call us to make decisions that may only be good for us, individually, and our private relationship with Jesus. And yes, sometimes those moments, more often than not, creates an exhaustively, battle weary environment within our minds. However, His presence intimately heals us as He diligently works towards teaching us how to fully reign within our body and on earth, under His direction while He is healing our minds to accept, on multiple levels, the simple but profound Truth: “I am my Abba’s daughter (or son).” As we go towards each moment, choosing to reign under His guidance and ultimate reign, we continuously choose Truth over opinions, Truth over emotions, Truth over feelings, Truth over all things while Abba, Himself, protects us. Our reigning King Saviour continuously reminds us, within every aspect of ourselves, that only through Truth can peace be established, restoration take place, and victory is always expected. Praise King Jesus, may our relationship with Him continue to deepen!