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In every moment, as we remain standing before King Jesus, it allows the Holy Spirit to at some point, open up our eyes and feed us a recognition of how our free-will choices, actions and decisions have actually become unique layers, openly rejoicing God and releasing a sweet fragrance unto Him. Miraculously, He then effectively uses them to become an important part of our deepening relationship with Him. These exposed layers of the flesh, are supernaturally used to physically and spiritually build a solid bond with Him as King Jesus’ Blood fills in all of the holes and gaps; strengthening our bond with Him beyond comprehension, time and restrictions. It is truly humbling and mind-blowing to actively realize, and openly see, how every aspect of ourselves, both in the flesh and spirit, as well as in our current environment, and our time on earth, matters greatly to the Great I Am. Only He can intimately meld our free-will choices with His actions, and allow us to discover, on a new and deeper level, how powerfully important we are to Him, and how everything concerning us, also concerns Him. He allows nothing to be wasted while the very Breath of our Sole Provider, actively secures us on all sides and actively shows us our journey is no longer limited by the things of the flesh, nor of the natural, but is deeply rooted and healthily thriving within the very foundations of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Our intimate relationship with the Great I Am, is a relationship diligently created, vitally bonded and painstakingly layered to become a fortified tower, able to not only withstand all things of the flesh, but also continue to thrive and blossom for an eternity. Praise King Jesus!