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King Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood actively flows over us, and we have chosen to be actively aware of that as the Holy Spirit secures this private, intimate and wholly unique image within our minds. And at various times, as we need to be reminded of that, we rely fully on the Holy Spirit to feed us that image. This has allowed us to actively reside within the depth of Abba’s Love, and receive the refreshing, soothing healing it provides while it effectively coats and flows over the rigid, and harsh effects within our minds of everyday life on earth. However, this existence we have actively known and intimately relied on, has unknowingly also shown us a new depth concerning the Great I Am, our Creator. It is one thing to be in Him, and a part of Him, as our Creator and we His creation, but it is quite another to be unified with Him. Unification is a wholeness so complete, and so astounding we can barely grasp it. And yet, we are able to experience a tiny measure of it as we are able to confidently look towards each new moment through His ultimate victory with the unbreakable knowledge that He is the GREAT I AM, and can never be defeated. This has become a confidence within us, that is so profound we find ourselves looking towards His blessings, instead of the endless battles we seem to endlessly experience in the flesh. And miraculously, we have actually begun to first expect the good before the bad, while we consciously are wholly, and completely, laid wide open and ready to be taught on whatever the Holy Spirit needs to teach us on. During this time, on the earthly timetable, God is in control of all things and the Holy Spirit continues to actively hold the evil one back. We know this, understand this, and rejoice in this, regardless of what it may look like in the flesh, or what we may be called to endure. And we are able to joyful reside within the arms of King Jesus intimately knowing that all will be well, while at the same time understanding that these things must come to pass. And yet, even as we do so, even as we actively cling, day and night to King Jesus, we suddenly find our hearts rising up and forcefully shifting our eyes to confidently penetrate Abba and plead even more, “Draw me even closer to you, I need to go deeper still, dwelling wholly within You, within your Kingdom!” Praise King Jesus, the depth of His love is deeper, and more passionate still while we are able to visibly see His Blood as the vehicle by which we are Divinely transported into a deeper realm of the spirit, even while physically being separated from Him. Yes, Abba has privately, and uniquely, specifically nourished our hearts to be more expectant of Him! ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.’ (Psalm 62:5) Praise King Jesus!