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It is mind-boggling and simply miraculous when Abba intimately, and richly, rewards us during those unsuspecting times where we are suddenly attacked for our relationship with Him. His Healing Touch specifically takes those memories of our hard, difficult, painfully long, and exhaustive battles where we truly only had Him to help us through them, and specifically infuses them within His strength as He nourishes our confidence in firmly standing with Him and refusing to back down to the things not of God. While those non penetrable arrows simply glide off His armor of steel surrounding us, our minds lovingly take those people to the Cross while the Holy Spirit rises our own thoughts to the ethereal beauty protruding from us, a reflection of Him, and the pleasure the Great I Am experiences as we choose to only stand by Him in all that we do. No, we will not back down, nor will we ever be able to stop allowing His Light to shine through us, because He is within us and is an active part of us. It is who we are in Him, it is our identities as children of the Most High God. Praise King Jesus, we victoriously cling to our Savior, and our Sole Provider knows exactly what we always need and holds nothing back as He amply provides within each and every circumstance we are led through. Everything about us matters greatly to the Great I Am, and His protection is great concerning us, allowing the enemy no foothold, nor influence where we are concerned: ‘The Lord is King for ever and ever: the heathen are perished out of His land.’ Psalm 10:16, Praise King Jesus, our bodies, His living temples, are His land!