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While doing our part to obediently handle all thoughts running through our mind, and actively reject anything not of God, as well as anything that does not line up with His Word, and actively consult with the Holy Spirit on things we are unsure about where they may be coming from, our minds are able to be intimately nourished, and consistently cleansed and healed by King Jesus. We have been gifted with the ability to recognize when His peace, within us, is being disrupted, or not felt; and it is within our free-will choice to adamantly protect His peace within us. God is peace, His presence is peace, and it is always in-existence. Yes, while we are on earth, we actively live in a battle, however, our Abba’s Holy Word profoundly uncovers the enemy, and ensures we also understand who he is, ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ (Ephesians 6:12) Thoughts are spiritual. These spirits are manifested in the flesh while others wrongly follow them, but may the root of victory be revealed to you: for we trust not in our ability to do this, but only ever trust fully in Abba, our Creator, who designed us and gifted us with the free-will choice to always first choose Him. For we do none of this by ourselves, but with a “yes, Abba,” in our hearts and minds, Abba’s very own Spirit, the Holy Spirit, instructs us as King Jesus, our Savior, Whom we cling to, strengthens us. King Jesus diligently shepherds us through every thing we encounter and those experiences, both good and bad, have relevancy in our deepening relationship with Abba. It allows us to get to know Abba and intimately discover, in unique and simple, but profound ways and at deeper levels what only going through those experiences can teach us about in Who He is. Moment by moment, through His actively flowing, always in-existence, flourishing peace, our bond with Abba actively strengthens even more; even when we are unaware of anything even happening. Praise King Jesus, our provision is where God, our Abba, is, and He amply provides and by passionately choosing to actively live in Him, we are able to amply receive!