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Under King Jesus’ leadership our feelings and emotions no longer dictate to us which way we turn, in fact we no longer even consider our feelings, nor our emotions in any choices we make. Instead, we actively choose Truth while we privately open ourselves up to be healed by King Jesus as Abba’s will is manifested in all that we do, regardless of what it is. While our minds remain completely at rest under King Jesus’ reign, any disturbance to His reigning peace is quickly understood for the spiritual attack that it is as the Holy Spirit instructs us in it. We miraculously thrive as the Holy Spirit diligently works to sensitize us to His utterances, promptings and encouragements, and He does so all while intimately showing us how every step He guides us to take, perfectly lines up with the Written Word of God. With Truth dripping from our lips, King Jesus’ authority overtakes all things of the flesh and we are able to better see how the enemy will often take advantage of Abba’s children’s feelings and emotions by wrongly persuading and deceiving us by his false light designed to separate us from the Written Word of God, and ultimately from our loving Abba. Only the Holy Spirit can actively keep us operating and living within Truth as patience, the fruit of Trust, becomes an innate part of us while our eyes remain fixated on our Abba’s loving countenance. Praise King Jesus, we have intimately learned that we only want Abba’s will to be done within every second of every day and without even realizing it, we are now fully flourishing with this new fruit. Patience is a fruit of Trust; Trust in Abba, our Father, our Daddy, our Creator! ‘A wise son heareth his Father’s instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke.’ (Proverbs 13:1)