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It is God’s will that the deeper we desire Him, the deeper our relationship with Him will go. And yet, as this has been happening, the spiritual battles have become even more real to us, and frequent, only now we are able to actually see that their occurrences come in uniformed waves. The battles are demanding and tiring as our minds sometimes feel battered and bruised, but each night as we rest within our Savior, He heals what needs healed even without our knowledge. Yes, we sometimes have these attacks continuing on into our dreams, but because of all we have gone through in the past, we have given ourselves over and ensured that King Jesus does reign within every aspect of our lives; and nothing can change that. This is confirmed by the realization that the only reason we are able to continue on, instead of running towards temporary relief, is because we are actively aware of how His Sacrificial Blood is continuously flowing over us, and of His conquering Victory over death and over the principalities and powers of darkness. He intimately keeps us strengthened enough to handle what we are being called to handle, all with the one, solitary, single-minded focused desire that has been continuously thriving within our minds: uniting ourselves with Abba. The Holy Spirit has finally been able to bring us to the understanding that although King Jesus has conquered all things through the Cross, we will still need to uniquely go through what we need to go through in order to get to know our compassionately loving Abba, which is eternal life. Abba is that good, that compassionate, that amazing and that HOLY! And so, with renewed strength we face each battle as it continues to rage against us while our mouths continue to declare His Truth, as the Holy Spirit comforts us and instructs us in what we need to understand in the moment we need to understand it. However, a shift has happened, and as a result of the battles we have already overcome, something miraculously has changed and shifted within our minds. Unbeknownst to us, the Holy Spirit has specifically nourished our self-discipline and self-control and through that, these attacks have pushed our minds into now consciously becoming a locked garden where only the Word of God is accepted and at the same time, ALL things are privately sifted through the understanding of the sovereignty of God. Under His profound protection, we are actively experiencing how God’s perfect love casts out all fear and fortifies us in profound ways. His love, an active entity radiating from Him, is actively experienced within His glorious presence while He diligently works to manifest Himself even more within us, and within these bodies, His living temples. The Holy Spirit safeguards us while Abba transforms us into being more like King Jesus while He builds us up to be a fortified tower within Him, and we remain still, within, under His reigning peace as we continuously receive from our Sole Provider, Who intimately guides us to truly worship Him in a deeper way, through spirit and in Truth. And now, as we look outward, things appear so differently because, Praise King Jesus, our eyes have intimately been healed to allow us to actively see how ALL things have always been, and always will be under the Sovereignty of our Abba, our Creator, the Great I Am, Who is actively involved in all things and yet, also has a deep yearning and desire to intimately dwell within us, individually.