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He sets us free from all things of the flesh so that we can actively live within our true identities in Him. If you are His tiny morsel of soothing, healing warmth He intimately treasures, His flowing strength welcomes you and reminds you that He is right there within you while King Jesus guides you on your journey. If you are His boldly speaking breath of fresh air that He delights in, He lovingly halts you when you need halting and then encourages you to speak His Truth into situations at just the right time King Jesus shepherds you through them. If you are His quiet, but inwardly ready, willing vessel He loves to gaze upon, His diligent instruction strengthens your voice when King Jesus walks you to the threshold you need to cross over. Each of us has a very different, very precious, very specific identity. They are limitless identities, each profoundly different and unique, that He has intricately woven into the very fiber of each and every one of His beloved children. Identities only King Jesus, as our actively reigning King Shepherd, can privately reveal to us. And although the experiences and processes He actively brings us through may be very similar with His confidence boldly giving each of us voice when it is needed, while His diligence halts us when we need to be halted and encourages us when we need to follow Him forward, it becomes vastly different and vibrantly awe-inspiring when the very root of our unique identities within Him is delightfully and breathtakingly revealed. No two are the same. This allows us to see things from a whole new and different lens, and to be able to diligently see His actively protective sovereignty in a deeper way. Praise King Jesus, only King Jesus can guide us into profoundly thriving beyond and above the limits lovingly, protectively, and specifically placed on this world.