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Not every day is glorious, but every day Abba is. As we intimately open ourselves up to King Jesus, within, which specifically nourishes the mystery of the Gospel, “Christ within us”, His glory lovingly encompasses us. If you would like to receive a sweet morsel of Truth to help nurture, strengthen, and sharpen your focus to remain fully centered within King Jesus, then text: Light to 877-812-0377

I will only send texts as the Holy Spirit leads me to; they are short nuggets of refreshment like a burst of Light, led by the Holy Spirit. Longer, more in-depth posts will continue to be posted on my website and Mewe.

For those in Canada text: Light to +1 877-812-0377. For those outside of America and Canada, I have currently established a group to receive these texts via WhatsApp. Privately contact me at email address: praisekingjesus@andierenee.com with your name and number and I can add you to that group to receive the texts. May King Jesus intimately manifest Himself to you in a new way, and may each moment be a new moment in Him!