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May you find that at the end of the day you have spoken more to Jesus then you have to any friends, or family. Doesn’t the Bible tell us to pray without ceasing? Prayer, again, in its simplest form is communication~it is your conversation with the Lord; openly talking. God has lovingly designed us so that we can openly talk to Him without anyone else even being aware of it. That is why they fool themselves when they think they have succeeded in taking prayer out of the schools, work places, government places, or anywhere else. Our God is limitless and He is not limited to man’s laws. He is our CREATOR, so don’t limit Him in your life! Remember, Jesus is moved by you talking to Him, He craves and desires that from you. It will not be a one-sided conversation, He will teach you how to hear His voice, which is also not limited by this physical world. The closer your relationship becomes with Him, the more sensitive you become to Him. The Holy Spirit is always keeping the communication path open for you. It is time for you to keep it continuously active on your side. May you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus. :o)