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Boldly living~praying to be cleansed from your personal opinions on life’s issues, wants and desires and grasping onto Jesus’ truth and what God desires you to have, and how to live, as well as allowing the Holy Spirit to base all things in your physical, and spiritual life on the Word of God. That is not trying to “fit” God into every aspect of your life, but the reverse. It’s allowing Him to mold you, and draw you deeply into Jesus and having you move into living in His presence, into His Life. Give thanks, rejoice and keep your focus on Jesus and you will find that you truly have everything. May you want Jesus more than the very breath that flows through your body! Oh, wow…you are so precious and loved! And despite what you face today, may you be able to boldly proclaim that it was a good day because God, Himself, was in the midst of it! ;o)