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May you pray for a relationship with Jesus where His voice becomes louder than your own and His thoughts takes precedent in your mind, His words take precedent over those leaving your mouth, His breath (The Holy Spirit) is the very breath you breathe, His arms are those that move yours, His legs are those that carry you, and His life is now your life. What a beautifully, bold request this is because you have sacrificed your own desires, and earthly years, and found yourself wanting to hear from Jesus more than from anyone else and His thoughts matter more to you than what you can grasp from the wisdom of men; you want Jesus to be released from your mouth more than you want to release gossip, or opinions, you want Jesus more than the very breath flowing through your body, you want Jesus’ will to be done more than you want your own, and you want Him more than anything you can gain from this life. And what precious words will be spoken when others say that when they look upon you they can see Jesus; and when they hear from you they can hear Jesus. Oh how your Heavenly Father loves you~it’s another beautiful day all because of Jesus! :o)