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Breathing in the Freedom of Protection Book CoverReleasing of Protection Series #5: Breathing in the Freedom of Protection Book cover & Description~

Brianna McDonald has drastically changed since her miraculous journey of healing. Even she has no idea what step she will be taking next as she only looks to her Savior for direction. She is led moment by moment, all by the Holy Spirit who has literally become the very breath she breathes. But when an obstacle in the form of an overwhelming man appears on her narrow path that Jesus is lovingly keeping her on, she finds out the hard way that there is still an inward struggle that takes place trying to keep her more attuned to having a need to know why or how before she can obediently move forward in faith. He is a man that instantly shatters her commonsense and rational mind the moment her eyes come into contact with him, and instead of accepting the blessing for what it could be, she questions it and finds herself eagerly wanting to run as fast as she can back to what she is more familiar with. This unfamiliarity can’t be from God, can it?

Crown Prince Dorian Megalos is disheartened, exhausted, and boldly speaking…doesn’t need anything!  And he is in no mood, nor at all prepared for Brianna McDonald to enter his country.  But his security men are beside themselves with the knowledge of her inadvertent ties to his family and so at the earliest opportunity they shove her over to him.  The alluring light beaming from her eyes causes his heart to fiercely pound in his chest robbing him of logic…maybe there is something he needs after all.

Coming the end of June 2014!