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Do you even realize how close the Lord must be to you in order for Psalm 28:7 to happen? “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart is trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise Him.” Think about the warrior on the battlefield with a shield. The Bible reveals that we are in a spiritual battle while we are on earth, and a sly tactic of the enemy is to desensitize you to that and make it seem so far fetched and strange. He wants your shield down, and wants to keep you fiercely connected to this limited, physical world because he knows the strength, endurance, and power you will have if you are overly sensitive and deeply connected to Jesus. God is a spirit and the spiritual world existed before He created the physical world. The spiritual world is the eternal world and there are no limits. Even the devil doesn’t die, but will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity (Revelation 20:10). So why trust more in what you physically see, hear and touch? It really makes no sense because God has specifically designed us to be able to be inwardly connected to Him, the Alpha and Omega. To open up that connection we have to actively use our free-will choice to turn to Jesus. Then through His active cleansing, molding us, and changing us, while we focus all on Jesus and actively live in His presence, your relationship will deepen because the connection will be open and they will Divinely dwell with you (John 14:23). So raise your arms up high and praise your Savior, the Bridging Connection between the physical and spiritual world, and pray to be more sensitive to Him! Don’t be afraid to loose your “rational” mind to Him because He will give it back to you, fully whole, secure and clearly seeing! You will then see Psalm 28:7 differently because one day it will be a confirmation to how you are living as those sly arrows from the enemy are thrown at you. Praise Jesus and focus all on Him, and don’t forget that just because it is spiritual doesn’t mean it’s from God, that is another beautiful, powerful thing the Holy Spirit deals with, He wants you to be more sensitive to Him so that you will hear Him when He says that it is not of Jesus. And if it is not of Jesus~it is not of God! May you have a wonderfully sensitive day in Jesus!