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A few years ago Jesus deeply cleansed me of impatience and believe you me, His cleansing is so deep and thorough. Then lately, as I am writing my latest book, He is showing me a powerful victorious depth to patience and waiting on Him that is so astounding, there is an amazing depth of truth to Isaiah 40:31. For instance: when we chose to turn and wait for Jesus to tell us whatever we need to know about someone, He reveals the truth to us regarding them if we have a need to know it; instead of jumping ahead and falling into gossip which will cloud our vision, and we will wrongfully learn things we really do not need to know. And when we wait on the Lord to guide us as to what to buy, He will lead us to some amazing deals; instead of jumping ahead and getting farther in debt. And when we wait on the Lord He is able to truly lead us; instead of jumping ahead and not following Jesus and falling flat on our faces. Then, when we wait on the Lord to guide us and lead us into situations, we do so in His strength and power; instead of jumping ahead and exhausting our strength trying to do it ourselves. And if we wait on the Lord He is able to stay before us and protect us from the spiritual attacks and be our shield, and although we may still feel the attack, we will be less battered and bruised; instead of jumping ahead and shifting His shield away from us completely opening ourselves up to be painfully exposed. And when we wait on the Lord and let Him provide for us, by initiating our movement, or sending someone to help us, we will clearly be able to recognize and see that it’s Him providing for us; instead of jumping ahead and wrongfully assuming that it’s something we have done, or they have done. We won’t be able to recognize and appreciate His miracles, nor will we be able to experience the building of confidence and trust He is trying to build in our lives, nor be able to fully appreciate His specifically, deep love for us, nor see that He truly is in all of the details of our lives. Not waiting on Him can also have devastating affects on others around us because we will unknowingly feed into gossip, fears, worries, and may become stumbling blocks to others. Wait on the Lord in all things while He feeds you His Word and let Him lead you to where you need to be. That is the only way to deeply know the victorious path He is painstakingly trying to keep you secure on. May He reveal more to you regarding waiting on Him in your life, and may you have a wonderful Shabbat…waiting on the Lord! Shabbat Shalom! :o)