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Problems can be pathways to spiritual growth when you first turn to Jesus. No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, the benefits to problems can be astounding. If you are having a difficult day, or a day that things are just not going “right” for you, then before you complain remember that complaining frustrates your soul and accomplishes nothing. So instead, use it as another beloved training step by turning to Jesus first because He alone knows what you have need of before you have need of it, and only He can change your situation into victory, or heal you from the affects of them. “Letting off steam,” can help you, but how much more will it help you if you let it off to the One Who knows all things, and can do something about it? Doing this also strengthens your relationship with Jesus because it has a unique way of building your confidence and trust in God. So make sure to ask Him to reveal to you what you need to learn from your situation, and wait for the answer. And don’t limit the time frame on the answer, either, He may just want to build some patience in you as well, but deeply know that it will come. Your problem, or frustration, may have strategically happened in order for you to simply experience the miraculously filling of God’s joy within you, lovingly reminding you that His joy is always flowing and is not limited to your circumstances, nor “feelings,” but that we are the ones that block it in our life. When you have chosen with your free-will choice to actively dwell in His presence, you are safely in the shelter of His protection so may you have a wonderful day dwelling in God’s love and waiting on Him to help you through! :o)