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Did you ever think about the fact that you can get so caught up in trying to help others out, “doing the right thing” (or attempting to), reading the Bible, reading a devotional, praying, going to church, etc., and never truly experience God? God wants you to experience Him. He strongly desires you to use your free-will choice to actively chose Him every moment of every day by truly making Him Lord of your life so that you are more aware of Him than anything else. The Book of Psalm is a beautiful example of experiencing God, and is filled with multiple, true praise and worship verses to our Heavenly Father that are simply breathtaking. The passion, strength, amazement, protection, freedom, and even the depth of heart wrenching pleading that are in some of the Psalms are so real, vital, and something we can all relate to. And think about it, those were written from people, just like you and I, who were truly experiencing God in their lives. The victories, and cherished truths discovered in their personal experiences with God are beyond anything we could ever experience with anyone else in this limited, natural world. As you actively live in Jesus’ presence, and truly make Him Lord of your life, may you find yourself experiencing God to such a point that your experiences can be confirmed from some of the Psalms that He will lead you into reading with Him. What could be a another beautiful confirmation for your life then finding yourself even saying your own psalms to Him? What joy He receives in watching you do that to Him! Remember, in order to be able to truly experience God’s active presence in your life, you have to actively chose to live in His presence, which is basically acknowledging Him as you would with anyone else, only the Holy Spirit will then intensify your experience and you will find yourself reverencing (fearing) Him, and amazingly dwelling with the omniscient, omnipotent Creator as He humbles Himself to allow your relationship to deepen in Jesus. What a great free-will, sacrificial blessing you are giving God! May you have a beautiful day experiencing your personal Psalm to your Heavenly Father, all because of Jesus! :o)