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Love of GodNothing can compare to the Love of God and He is actively looking at you with a passion so real, so breath taking that you could never handle the depth of it while living on earth. No matter if you were the strongest person on earth, your limited, earthly body is still so limited and frail. Your body cannot handle receiving God’s pure amazing love, but as you actively live in the Lord’s presence you are positioning yourself for the inward molding, strengthening, and fully opening up the Holy Spirit will be able to do so that you will be able to receive portions of His uniquely, specifically wonderful love for you. Never limit Him in your life by labeling, or grouping yourself with others, thereby grieving the Holy Spirit. Instead, focus on Jesus and reveal to Him that everything within you cannot function without Him actively being Lord of your life! Don’t let the sly tactic of the enemy be successful, who would like to steer you away from your unique path with Jesus. Relish your relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit will secure you while you actively guard your heart and mind against everything that does not glorify God. May you have a wonderfully, unique day in Jesus!