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You don’t need to change and then go to Jesus~A true, victorious change is when you repent to Jesus, then cling to Him allowing and desiring to be changed, this then allows the Holy Spirit to guide you in being completely directed towards Jesus so that you may be cleansed, molded and correctly drawn into a deeper, closer relationship with your loving Savior, Jesus, as you actively live in His presence.  Amazing things happen, you become more attuned and sensitive to Jesus and you will become someone that is passionately connected to Jesus, guarding your heart and mind because the only things fully “feeding” and filling you are things that glorify God, and are from God through Jesus. The Bible becomes a part of you as the Holy Spirit guides and leads you into a more in-depth experience as you read it with Him. You clearly see that your identity rests solely with Jesus, you become whom God has specifically, lovingly created you to be in Him. His intimately powerful love for you begins to build confidence and faith in your life that is truly supernatural. So let Jesus change you into whom you were specifically designed to be, only the Lord knows whom you are and only He can truly change you! Know that regardless of what you “see” or “feel” change is always happening when you are clinging to Him. One day you may be confronted by someone and react so different from how you used to, or one day you may encounter issues after issues and you are not phased as you used to be, or one day you may have the desire to eat more healthy and to exercise: the results and changes are endless and so very thorough! May you have a wonderful day resting in your Savior’s arms~Shabbat Shalom!