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You are frustrated because you didn’t get done what you wanted to get done, you didn’t accomplish all that you had set out to do in work, in school, or at home, this month, this week, this past day, today, or this morning. And that is the problem. We tend to expect more from ourselves then the Lord does. Why don’t you turn to Jesus every morning (or right now) and pray that He will provide you with the strength, desire, time, and all things needed in order to be able to get done what He knows, or plans for you to get done each day? And then ask Him to teach you to be satisfied with that, to teach patience within you to wait on Him to provide you with whatever you need to do. In my own life, I used to have lists everyday, and that is not including other deadlines around the house that I would set. I was always tired, and I had become so frustrated that I got fed up one day and turned to Him. And by the end of the day I felt less exhausted, and more accomplished, and actually had more time to spend alone with Him, and my household began to run more effectively and efficiently like a fine-tuned machine with seemingly less effort; not to mention the fact that self-condemnation was less, frustration was less, and Jesus’ peace was established because I was leaning on Him, instead of myself. Slowly but surely each day added up until that became exactly how I was living. At the time I had no idea the amazing, deeply embedded cleansing that was actually taking place, God is so very thorough! I had taken my free-will choice and chose to allow the Lord to build His trust, and His confidence within me because I had looked to Him to provide for me, opened myself up to receive from Him, and be led by Him. I had actively allowed Him to be Lord of my days. May the Lord’s will be done in your life, instead of yours. Have a wonderful rest today and try to only see as far as Jesus. Shabbat Shalom!