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Memorial Day

What joy it is for us to be reunited with God, but what reality of pain others can experience because they miss us, but the pain and hole left can only be healed and filled by Jesus. If you are affected, may you immediately turn to Jesus within so that you may see Him before those you miss while He fills you with His strength and comfort. If it is a friend or loved one affected, then may you see Jesus before those hurting as the Holy Spirit either leads you to be a presence for them, or to say a few words, while He uses you to turn those hurting back to Jesus and their intimacy with Him, so that their Sole Provider, Jesus, can provide for them; and that is the most beautiful way to honor those that have left this limited earth before us. And praise Jesus for the service of the brave men and women who have made our country free so that we may still loudly, and very openly worship Him! Only Jesus can truly comfort the hurting… May you have a comforting Memorial Day in Jesus! ;o)