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There is something so amazing about a simplified life. When you focus first on Jesus, making your relationship with Him a priority in your life, He is so very thorough and before you know it your life as a whole will be simplified and uncluttered. The simplification process will manifest itself from within to outside as you remain faithful in turning to Jesus and desiring to receive from Him. Have you ever desired such a thing? Or are you way too busy? Well, the free-will choice is yours, and it does require you to get up and boldly take a step towards beginning the physical task, and at the same time actively turning to your Savior. When dealing with the physical side of this remember when you are discouraged, disorderly chaos is not from God. Oh stop condemning yourself~it’s time for a change! :o) In dealing with your physical world, turn to Jesus and ask what don’t I need, what am I not using, what may I get rid of or donate? The less you have, the less upkeep there is and the more free-time you will actually have. Similarly, the Holy Spirit will lovingly simplify your inner man as you actively turn to Jesus and ask for Him to cleanse all that is not from God. And remember when you do not think anything is happening and you seem to be stuck, but you are still actively turning to Him, don’t believe that lie, nor believe your own perception because that’s when the deep cleansing, and molding is taking place that only the Holy Spirit can complete. And sometimes as you wait the Holy Spirit will reveal a few changes to you in limitless ways, either by you experiencing something in life that you find you are responding radically different to, or He just might even reveal it to you in your dreams because you have eagerly opened yourself up to Him, are becoming more attuned to Him, and are allowing Him to “de-clutter” your mind simplifying it for the glory of God. May your life be thoroughly cleansed all to the glory of God and may you have a wonderful day turning to Jesus!