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May you have enough courage and boldness to smile at Jesus and say, “Change whatever you need to change in me, around me, over me, and through me. I am all yours.” The moment you do this know that the Holy Spirit begins an amazing process of molding you into Jesus, opening your spiritual eyes, and cleansing your thoughts by filling you with His; and all you have to do is actively make Jesus’ personal relationship with you more important than any other one. How do you do that? Well, how do you personally get to know other people in your life? By spending time with them, talking to them, enjoying things with them. Take major steps like reading the Bible with Jesus, instead of reading it by yourself; and actively seek His guidance in all things. When you speak to Him continuously within, your outward life will automatically begin to be surrounded by Him because the Holy Spirit will allow this beautiful, intimate relationship to be manifested from the inside out. Our courage and boldness may be frail, and limited, but when we actively use them to turn to Jesus those characteristics within us become limitless as our lives change all for the glory of God. May you have a boldly courageous day in Jesus!