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Each day, each hour, each minute, each second are times that can be used to build your confidence, faith, and strength because you are intimately connected by Jesus to your amazing, loving Creator. When you cultivate your life to enjoy each moment simply because you are intimately and Divinely connected to God, you begin to continuously turn inwards towards Him when you are in need. This turning to your Source for all things is a crucial part of deepening your relationship with Jesus because as each small need is met confidence begins to build until there is a foundation that is so solid and sure that when you are faced with a seemingly impossible need, you will confidently stand and secretly smile to Jesus as you continue to look to Him and wait for the fulfillment of that specific need that you deeply know He, alone, wants to meet. (No matter how big it is.) What has happened is the Holy Spirit has been able to feed you His Divine confidence, faith, and strength which is then manifested through you, and Jesus has been able to keep your Divine connection open without obstruction because you have actively used your free-will choice to turn to your Great I Am knowing that only He can truly provide for you. Enjoy each moment that you are with Him, it will go on for a blessed eternity so don’t let the uncertainties of the unknown keep you from enjoying the precious, intimate, victorious certainty of how you are currently living~actively in the presence of Jesus. What precious moments they are…all because of Jesus!