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Trust in Jesus! Those are three words that you always hear, see, or read, and although there is such glorious depth of meaning for those words when you are actively trusting in Jesus, they can also get to the point where they are sharp arrows painfully piercing your self-condemnation because you are reminded of what you are not doing, although you truly want to. In that situation, your focus and overall perception is wrong. Although the Holy Spirit may reveal what you are not doing, He will not overly lash you with it, He will reveal it and give you strength to turn to Jesus and wait until you choose to actively acknowledge Him. The brow beating is not from Him. So instead of focusing on “trusting in Jesus,” focus on “Jesus.” Focus on your relationship with Him by actively acknowledging Him as you go about your day, spending time with Him and actively changing your life to fully live in His presence. He is always there, always waiting, always listening, always attentive to us, we are the ones that find ourselves too caught up in distractions, problems, circumstances, other relationships, etc, to fully acknowledge Him. As in any other relationship, trust generally isn’t there right from the start, it gradually comes as your relationship tenderly develops. The amazing thing about making your relationship with Jesus a priority in your life is that He is so amazing, never-changing, all-knowing, all-powerful, and perfect so He will never cause you to distrust Him. Things will happen, circumstances will seemingly sneak in and bite you when you least expect it, but as you are dwelling in Jesus you will actively turn to Him, and wait for Him to heal the situation, guide you into the next one, or simply share with you the lesson He would like you to learn as you go through it. So freely choose to focus on Jesus, get to know Him, live with Him, and the Holy Spirit will lovingly secure and build the Divine trust He would love for you to experience. He is our Creator and only He can develop trust in Him, in you! Our God, the amazing Great I Am is a hands-on loving, heavenly Father eagerly wanting you to experience Him continuously, so may you have a wonderful day fully experiencing Him!